Quantpedia in August 2021:

- a new Crisis Hedge Quantpedia Pro report — currently, the stocks indexes around the world are close to all-time highs, and an optimistic mood is in the air. Corona crisis is nearly forgotten (at least financial markets act as if nothing had happened), but there will be a crisis at some time in the future. And it’s better to prepare for the worst during calm periods than to look for quick help under stress in volatile times. Therefore, we have prepared a new report for our Quantpedia Pro clients, which allows you to pick any asset, trading strategy or a mix of assets/factors into your model portfolio and find a trading strategy that works as a Crisis Hedge during negative months or bear markets.

- plus, we have also significantly increased publication tempo on Quantpedia blog, as 12 new articles have been written in the previous month

Also, in Quantpedia Premium:
- 10 new premium strategies
- 10 new related papers
- 10 new backtests


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